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Inpatient Department

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0ur Staff does routine healthcare to the patients admitted in Our Lady Of Lourdes Medical Hospital  as part of their daily devotion to their medical call. We  offer Excellent ,Affordable,Accessible health care to our inpatients What  Keeps us going is the love of Christ to the needy,  and devotion to the call of God within us. This is through Commitment and sacrifice, with minimal supervision.

 Our Wards are  equipped with special beds that enhance comfort and quick recovery. Our Lady Of Lourdes Mwea Hospital Ward set up is also more convenient for daily operations and easier for medical personnel to do their work. We have the following wards;

  • Maternity ward
  • Male ward
  • Children Ward

In the Children's Department l, we are committed to providing the best care and services to you and your child. We understand that you are your child's primary caregiver and source of safety and support – a role that shouldn't change as a result of an illness or injury. We value our ability to partner with parents and family members in the care of their children, and this partnership is the keystone of our philosophy of care.