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Hospital Management Board

The board comprises of 13 members, the hospital CEO ( Sr.Josephine Ndege) being the secretary to the Board.The administration undertakes a vital role in hospital management in the areas of strategic level decisions and planning. Hospital management team is made up of Mary Immaculate Sisters and staff working and leading in major hospital departments.

Our Lady of Lourdes Mwea Hospital (OLLMH).

Our Lady of Lourdes Mwea Hospital (OLLMH) is a Catholic institution ran by the Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Nyeri who are the sole proprietors of the facility in collaboration with the Catholic Diocese of Murang’a. It is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) with the mandate of delivering affordable and accessible health services to all, especially the poor and vulnerable one of the largest County Referral (Tier 3) hospitals in Kirinyaga County which serve a large and diverse population of approximately 500,000. It started in 1962 as a dispensary and promoted to health centre in 1968 grown to a modern referral hospital after upgrading in 1979.

In addition to health care services provided, the hospital offers facilities for teaching and training of health professionals (Diploma in Nursing, Internship Centre for both Medicine Students (Bachelors) clinical medicine students (Diploma), attachment center for pharmacist technologists, laboratory technologists and social workers) and research. OLLMH plays various roles in the region by providing a large range of services at the hospital and through partnerships with the greater community, public health and other organizations.

Our lady of Lourdes Mwea hospital is located along Nairobi -Embu road. It’s about 1.5km from Ngurubani town. Being located in an area where rice growing was the main source of income, the hospital was able to sustain itself by providing health care services to rice farmers.

Within the past decades, we have been able to eliminate up to 99%, following waterborne and water-related diseases, such as malaria, schistosomiasis, gastroenteritis, typhoid, cholera, amoebiasis, giardiasis, helminthasis, and tuberculosis. OLLMH has as well raised the standards of healing and managing other diseases like: HIV/AIDS,PTB, pneumonia, ARI, diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, liver diseases, renal pathology, cancers, skin diseases, anemia, accidents,fractures,burns, dental,eye diseases, mental problems, abortions, arthritis.



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Compassionate Care

Our compassion is to Treat patients, families and learners personally with kindness and empathy, and engage them as partners in their care decisions.